Baseus Baseus Control Handheld Gimbal Storage Organizer Black


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Case for gimbal and tripod Baseus

The case from Baseus will provide effective protection for your accessories from damage and allow you to have them always at hand. The product is tailored to fit a gimbal and tripod, and an additional pocket will be used to store cables and power supplies. The high-quality material of the organizer protects your accessories from damage and the elements.

Gimbal and tripod always at hand

In addition to effective protection, the product also allows easy and quick access to your equipment. Thanks to SUYT-F01, you always have your photo accessories at hand and in one place. You no longer need to search for individual pieces of equipment, this convenient case will provide you with easy access to your accessories whenever you feel like taking a photo. The organizer is also perfect for traveling. The compact size and handle make the case handy and will fit into a backpack.

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