Baseus Dual Power Portable Electric Car Wash Spray Nozzle


  • Portable Power Washer:The first truly portable power cleaner, battery-powered design,3.5M high pressure water pipe with filter,washing cars anywhere,that lets you easily and quickly clean all your outdoor spaces and gear , cleaning car /fences/patios/garden,wash cars and water flowers,Clean floors and windows.
  • Rotatable Nozzle Head,Rotate the nozzle head to adjust the water pressure,measured 0.7MPa water pressure 72L/h flow rate . this car wash spray nozzle can be used anytime anywhere even without a power source. you can wash your car easily even if you live in a high-rise or go outdoors.turn on the safety switch, press the trigger, rotate the nozzle to select water spray patterns and wet the car body.
  • 30Minute Of Long:Battery Life 8000mAh Battery Capacity
  • IPX4 for Safer Use:Highly waterproof design offers higher safety performance to avoid battery short circuit due to water leakage.battery-powered design for washing cars anywhere,portable and cordless design pressure washers, car washer machine.
  • Removable Batteries For Charging Easily:The removable batteries on the bottom can be removed by rotating them to the left. there is a Type-C port on the front of the batteries, disassemble and find the Type-C charging port, you can charge at any time.If you encounter a problem, our customer support

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